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About me

Shieri hoki 保木 詩衣吏 


Staring at the snow

I create works to confront things that are disappearing. Melting snow, falling leaves, and other changing nature are my main motifs.

After the death of my cousin, I began to pay more attention to the changing scenery, such as the melting snow and falling leaves. The natural scenery of my hometown and the shades of colors that arise and disappear are beautiful and ever-changing, far from the image of death.

I felt a sense of discomfort between the reality and truth that all things are born and disappear, and my own feelings and emotions that exist now. This is the starting point of my creation.

The cycle of nature is precious and beautiful, and I do not intend to stop it. However, the emotions and feelings that remain as if left behind are just like puddles of water that remain on the ground, and I focus on this in my work.

The falling snow may form a gentle bowl, or a shape that represents the powerful movement of the earth.

In the vastness of time, there was certainly a time when those disappearing things confronted me or shared with me, and I endeavor to capture those moments in my works to remind me of them.

The shapes woven by disappearing things are powerful, rich, and gentle. This is what I wish to achieve in my daily work.

Translator: Hazuki Donomae,David Coulson

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