About me




Shieri hoki 保木 詩衣吏 


Hida, the region where I was born, is located in Gifu Prefecture.

With as much as 1meters of snowfall in one winter

– even in the flatlands – the region is known for its heavy snowfall.
Life here in winter is therefore all about the snow.

Snow piles up in silence,
Ice hardens at the edge of the shovel,
Cold air spreads white on the landscape as far as the eye can see.

It is a beautiful, yet quiet, season.

Eventually, the heavy snow covering everything melts and disappears, glistening and shining.
The arrival of spring reveals the sparkle of life.

The landscape of my homeland is the source of my work.
The beauty of ever-changing nature inspires a sense of preciousness and sadness.

I strive to capture those scenes and feelings in my “glass” works.

Translator: Hazuki Donomae,David Coulson