Thank you for coming one day exhibition in Hong Kong!!


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Thank you for coming to PMs Gallery presents Japanese glass artist Shieri Hoki @shieri_hoki solo exhibition 「FLOW 流」at Green Ginko Tea House @greenginkgotea on Monday.

It was a great success and I am happy and ecstatic to meet every single one of you.

Also my sincere gratitudes to this event venue and ikebana artist Don Tse , elevated the aesthetic and brings glass art works into life.

“Art to love and live with!” PMs Gallery wish to bring the refined aesthetics to your daily life!




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Thank you for coming my solo exhibition! 先日をもちまして、石田屋Gamadan 個展、京都伊勢丹展示会終了いたしました。 お越し下さいました方々、誠にありがとうございました。なかなか在廊することができず、直接お話ししたり、お礼がお伝え出来ず、歯痒い気持ちでいっぱいです。また精一杯制作してまいりたいと思います。 一部作品は、石田屋和座店さんに7月頃まで展示い